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Square Connect, SQ Blaster universal remote control accessory

SQ Blaster universal remote control accessory

SQ Blaster is a universal remote control accessory for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

For in-room blasting or to be placed next to your equipment and to send control signals via IR extender cables.

Uses a standard mini B USB socket for power, allowing you to connect it to an existing USB socket on your home theater equipment if available, or through a USB power adapter.

Multiple blaster units can be run on the same network, so you can have one for each area that you want to control.

Each unit is controllable by multiple iPhone/iPod touch/iPad units.

Designed to complement your living space.

Connects securely and quickly to your network using a setup wizard via USB.

Uses 2 extensive IR databases and advanced IR learning to capture any missing codes.

How it works

SQ Remote on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad sends commands over your home Wi-Fi network to the SQ Blaster. SQ Blaster then converts these signals to IR control commands, which are then beamed (blasted) at your home entertainment equipment.

No more pointing your remote! SQ Blaster allows you to control your equipment from anywhere within range of your home Wi-Fi network, and any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in your home can now be used as a remote control unit.

Wi-Fi, 802.11 b,g compatible

WPA & WPA2 Personal compatible. Note: WEP is no longer considered a safe network setting, as it offers zero protection.

IR blasting: 3x front facing high intensity IR emitters

IR learning: Built-in receiver with on board IR code protocol analysis

Alternative IR control: 1x 3.5mm audio jack - powers up to 6 external IR-LED emitters and/or a high powered external blaster LED

Power: USB, 5V, 1A max

Case: Solid cherry wood or architectural grade bamboo

Diameter: 90mm

Height (including feet): 27mm (approx)

IOS Version Minimum Required
Wifi802.11 b,g compatible

Square Connect

At Square Connect we believe in the idea of controlling anything, anywhere. We challenge the idea that home control systems have to be expensive and complex to set up and maintain.

We do this by creating great products that leverage existing technologies that people already own. Our products are flexible, easy to setup, and can be quickly adapted to the changing needs of the user, and the changing requirements of control.

Get SQ Remote and SQ Blaster today and start taking control.

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